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Calculating Insurance Requirement
How much to insure/What is my insurance requirement?  
The amount that can be considered an adequate risk cover may differ for each individual but the key principles are pretty much the same for all. How much to insure depends on the needs you are trying to fulfill... click to read more
Insurers set to provide more services for NRIs 
With an eye on the lucrative Non-Resident Indian market, the Insurance Regulator (IRDA) reportedly set to allow Indian Private Sector Insurers to expand business operations overseas through branches and subsidiaries... Read more.. click to read more


The difference between Term Insurance and Pension Plans
The two categories cover the two essential but opposite risks associated with our lives - one covers the risk on an early death while the other protects your financial future for life beyond your earning years ... click to read more

Why Health Insurance                            
Health Insurance protects you and your loved ones from suffering any financial disasters caused by high medical expenses. Paying your hard earned money for either short or an extended hospital stay may be very expensive. Typically health insurance allows you to receive the necessary health care if you or your loved ones fell ill or become injured...
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Life Insurance



Evaluate your protection requirements to secure your...
Plan for your retirement; estimate your pension requ...
Estimate your monthly instalment for repayment of a ...
June 14, 2012Pranab Mukherjee has expressed concern ...
June 19, 2012Media reports indicate that Belgian ins...
June 20, 2012To ensure continuity of services, IRDA ...
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