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Critical Illness Benefit Riders: This rider provides coverage against certain critical illnesses. Though the number and type of diseases covered under these riders are limited, yet the one’s covered, like cancer, coronary artery bypass, heart attack, kidney/renal failure, major organ transplant and paralytic stroke etc.; are those with fairly high associated medical treatment and hospitalization costs.

One of the attractive features under the critical illness benefit rider is that the policy holder gets an amount equal to the sum assured irrespective of the medical expenses on or after the diagnosis of the critical illness.

The critical illness rider is terminated once a critical illness is diagnosed. In some cases, the insurer will make a payment of sum assured for the critical illness rider with the main policy and terminate the underlying base policy. A plan that continues to give an insurance cover while charging a marginally higher premium, is always better than the one’s which terminate the base policy once a claim is made on the rider.

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