Apart from premium what other factors should I consider before choosing a health insurance policy?

While you will surely compare premiums associated with various products that you compare, make sure you consider some of these features as well:

o Cashless hospitalisation: a facility in which a person can get the required treatment while the medical expenses are settled by the insurance company directly with the hospital if the hospital comes under its network. You may, therefore, also want to compare the associated network of hospitals of each insurer.
o No Claim Bonus or Discount: Some products carry incentives for ‘claim free’ years and offer either an increased Sum Assured for no extra cost or a reduced premium for your Sum Assured
o Exclusions: Do carefully review the exclusion list of each product. Needless to say, for the same amount of cost you would want to go for the product that has the least number of exclusions. Alternately, you may want to be covered for a specific medical condition which may actually be excluded in a given product.
o Maximum age of Renewal: This is the age to which the company would continue to provide you with health insurance on payment of premiums. You may want to go for a product with a higher maximum age of renewal.
Other benefits: You may also want to compare certain other benefits such as Ambulance charges, coverage for day care procedures (for which hospitalization is not required) etc.

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