What is covered under Medical Expenses in a travel insurance policy?

This allows for the insurance company to bear the costs of any medical expenses that you may need to incur for any immediate medical assistance you require on account of any illness contracted or injury sustained whilst on a trip overseas. The amount that will be compensated is limited to the Sum Assured of this cover which in turn is something you can choose at the time of purchasing the policy. Needless to say, higher the Sum Assured, higher is the premium. One needs to keep in mind, though, that this cover is not available for any medical treatment arising out of pre-existing illnesses or any such treatment that can be deferred till your return back to India.  When comparing this feature between products, you may want to consider the following:


  1. If there are any sub-limits per illness within the Sum Assured. Some products may have such sub-limits to restrict what will be paid out per illness i.e. even if you take a Sum Assured of, say, USD 200,000 and the sub-limit per illness is only USD 100,000 then the maximum that will be paid out to you in case of contracting one illness would only be USD 100,000. Products with no such sub-limits or higher amounts associated with these sub-limits may be better options.
  2. Some products may have separate limits above a certain age; you may want to consider and compare these limits vis-a-vis the associated premium being charged
  3. Products that offer cashless hospitalisation will be better for an overseas trip as compared to any that may offer only reimbursements.
  4. You may want to choose a product that also allows for a transportation cost back to India, if absolutely essential from a medical viewpoint.

Any and all exclusions under each of these plans

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