Why should one buy Term Insurance?

• One of the key reasons why one should consider Term insurance is to provide financial support and a means to replace lost income for one’s dependents and family in the event of death, especially if you are the primary earner for the family.
• At the same time, it can also be used to ensure that your liabilities, if any, are met without imposing an additional financial burden on your dependents if and when you are not around.
• In addition to this you could use it as a tool to provide for financial needs related to key events and requirements of your loved ones like a Child’s marriage or education.
• While there can be no replacement for the loss of a loved one, with the right life insurance product you can at least minimise the financial hardships and strife that your family may be exposed to.
• The lack of survival benefits should not be a deterrent in buying this product since the benefits and financial protection being secured for your family far outweigh the minimal cost of this protection.

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